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Personal blog started back in 2002 and related mostly to travel writing and travel photography. With over 30 countries visited this is my place to store all these fantastic memories and on-the-road events. Blog in Polish only.
Coded from scratch in php/jquery/ajax and MySQL.
Digital portfolio of our photography and art works. Photo images are separated into Landscape, Ceremony, Nature and People categories, while other initiatives are accessible from Design and Printing.
Gear: Nikon DSLR with various lenses + Lightroom.
A game loosely inspired by the Commodore 64 product from 1983. This game's basic premise is the same as the original's, although almost every level has been designed and created from scratch.
Coded in XNA/C#, high-score system in php and MySQL.
TMbuilder -- the easiest Translation Memory export creator is a small tool that makes building up TM export/import files as straight-forward as possible. It does create Translation Memory eXchange (TMX) output files.
Coded in .NET/C#.
Web script that automatically extracts the static photo urls and generates the html gallery code. It allows displaying photostream and sets, as well as all tagged images, obviously in all sizes accessible through Flickr api.
Coded in php and the phpFlickr class.
Web script for parsing Google Picasa RSS feeds (as standard gallery/album xml file) and creating custom-size photo urls. It produces raw and custom size links, as well as displays thumbnails and image dimensions.
Coded in php.
Massive web site/blog built for gathering together all information regarding Ankudowicz families. It combines a 500 years of history with the modern infromation of all families holding Ankudowicz last name.
Sources: books, web, genealogy sources.