Balloon Rescue! -- inspired by the Commodore 64 game from creativity --

Balloon Rescue! is a tiny arcade game coded in XNA/C# as a hobby project. I came across this little gem of a game while browsing old archives of Commodore 64 titles. After originally planning to develop it in Flash, I ended up opting for a more powerful XNA solution. This game's basic premise is the same a the original's, although almost every level has been designed and created from scratch. I hope you have as much fun playing the game as I had making it! This game is distributed free of charge for Windows OS.


Our heroic balloon is trapped deep underground, inside a deadly and treacherous cave system! your only chance of survival comes through the successful recovery of the six gas cannisters inside, but weware: the caverns are narrow in places, and there are underground monsters and a menacing tide that will rip apart your delicate aircraft. Timing and fuel management are critical if you're to successfully navigate your way out.


- Retro style: reminds us all of those great days of our childhood!
- Fully functional arcade game of precision
- Beautiful hand-crafted graphics made by my wife ;)
- Original Commodore 64 sid music of Nata (Italian musician of a Polish C64 scene group) converted directly from sid tunes
- Online high-score system
- Water tides and moving creatures


- .NET Framework 4 Client Profile (should be installed in your OS already)
- XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0 (installer will download it automatically, if this is currently not installed in your OS)

Balloon Rescue v0.5 (01.05.2013) in English (8.1 MB)