TMbuilder -- the easiest Translation Memory export creativity --

TMbuilder was created to save both my and everybody else's time that could be wasted using Trados' WinAlign or any other commercially available alignment programs which usually don't offer an acceptable merging quality. One of my Localization projects pushed me to build up a new TM project from hundreds of thousands of words saved in MS Excel spreadsheets. My previously created command-line tool didn't accept the format, so TMbuilder 1.0 GUI was created to suit modern world needs ;)

What is TMbuilder?

TMbuilder - the easiest Translation Memory export creator is a small tool that makes building up TM export/import files as straight-forward as possible. The 1.01 build uses code pieces from a previously created console-based version but has a nice and handy GUI. It was written in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 so the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 is necessary to use the application.

Main features:

- Accepts two input formats: tab-delimited text files and MS Excel spreadsheets
- Creates output files in two file formats: Translator's Workbench 7.x/8.x (TXT) and the Translation Memory eXchange (TMX)
- Works on multiple input files and offers a merging feature - there might be just one import file
- Allows the user to specify standard TM fields, like: source and target ISO flags, segment descriptions and author name
- Removes additional quotes often created by MS Excel when saving the file to the Text form
- Works with standard encodings: Unicode and UTF-8
- Rapid file creation: milliseconds for .txt and seconds for .xls input files
- Application is free for non-commercial use and can be distributed as a standalone executable program

TMbuilder (27.04.2010) in English (310 KB)